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make me choose: anonymous asked all time low or tonight alive

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ALL TIME LOW | Music Videos

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Anonymous asked: You don't forget them. You acknowledge them, appreciate them and allow yourself to grow. Just because you are without this person now, you will experience those things again. It might not be soon or exactly as you experienced them before, but you will be different too. You change and grow as a person each day and though your memories never change, your capacity to love and be loved does. So don't be sad because you don't have something right now be happy because now you can take time to be you.

I wish I could stop being sad I really do. But it means a lot to me that you took the time to write this, thank you

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Anonymous asked: i feel so bad asking this but did you change your url and if you did what is your old one?

I haven’t changed it recently. Ages ago I was harryjudds, then jackbrakats but I’ve been gaskaths for a while now

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2/50 photos of jack barakat live [x]

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No escape from the storm inside of me.

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his basketball shorts are positioned just right for me to shout NICE SEMI.

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